Monday Pre-Cap

Well I’m quite worried about today. It is the first of the regular nightly sessions for the Pharmacy course I help facilitate. That leads to a host of distinct worries.

1) I forgot to book my bus. So I’m risking not getting there at all. I need a successful on demand booking.

2) from now until I get home (~9:30 pm) with no bio break is a long time.

3) I’ll be home after my normal bedtime. Accidents and falls happen when I’m overtired. Plus that is just a long time in the scooter.

4) there is some prep work I haven’t done yet. I need to squeeze that in.

5) My schedule doesn’t really have time for supper. I’ll need to make the Todd equivalent of a bag supper.

Really I’m just so set into my routine that any deviation throws me a curveball. Tomorrow I’ll either be exhausted or energized. I’m not sure which.

I haven’t given any thought to actual work today.

Plus I’m waiting for Mom to call me. I didn’t hear from her all weekend. It is in-Mom’ish.


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