To sleep, perchance to dream

I’ve been in a great mood all week. Bright eyed and bushy tailed each morning. My witty repartee is sharp. I’ve been doings paeans to the sun on Facebook.

It is odd. I’m not sleeping well. Or, more accurately, I’m having trouble falling asleep. Normally I just zonk out when my head and pillow meet. Not this week. I toss. I turn. I adjust the room fan. Covers off. Covers on.


It isn’t my mind racing. My body just doesn’t seem tired. And I can’t get comfortable. My room feels too stuffy.

Eventually I fall asleep though. And I wake up feeling great! It is hard to moan about sleep issues when I seem to be getting a grand rest. (I’ve been saying grand a lot this week. I might switch it up today for ‘capital’. How you doin’? Capital, guv’nor!)

This morning I obviously wasn’t done sleeping though. I was still dreaming when the alarm went off.

I was playing hockey. I single handedly broke up the rush at my end and then took the puck back up ice. But when I reached their goal, the net was a roaring fireplace and the puck was a cat.

I felt really bad, but I spoke gently to the cat and it willingly got in the fireplace. Then it didn’t want to come out again. I was getting singed trying to grab it. But fortunately the whistle blew, my shift was over and the dumb cat was someone else’s problem.

I got back in the box when my alarm went off. I don’t know how it ended!

Bloody Schrödinger’s cat dream maybe. Is it alive? Burnt? There is no observer so it is both.

I dream physics metaphors.

I hope I fall asleep properly tonight and go back to not remembering silly dreams.


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