Broadchurch – a gush

I just watched the finale. Episodes 1-5 on Monday. 6-7 Tuesday and the final tonight.

What a crushing, emotional ending. That was one of the best hours of tv I have ever seen. The show is a triumph.

The concept of the show is very similar to The Killing. A child is murdered. The show follows the police investigation (the leads are David Tennant and Olivia Colman), the grieving parents (Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchannan), the suspects and the townspeople. Like The Killing, the setting, a small town on the British coast, is a major factor.

Everything is good. Plot, characters, writing, acting, locations, cinematography. I have some issues with one of the characters, but put in context they are minor.

Although it is a murder mystery it is primarily an emotional journey. Grief and melancholy pervade the whole show.

And the end… An ending can kill a story. Rarely has one been so perfect. The only problem I had was the final title -“Broadchurch will return”. How can a sequel be made that doesn’t diminish it? Gah.

This season may now be my favourite show of all time.

Spoilers – little ones.

No shots fired. One chase scene. Hardly any blood.

No details you couldn’t show a child. Although the whole is so traumatic you wouldn’t watch it with a child.

It is the opposite of Hannibal. But the end result is more disturbing.


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