Weekly Recap

Summer is sort of a miserable time. Glad it’s over. That might need explaining.

While all the folks with families use the summer to get away and rest, I hold down the fort at work. Even though it is quiet I’m still busy doing other jobs than my own.

It is similar socially. My friends and family go off on their well deserved breaks.

Finally it didn’t help that my scooter sucked in June and barely moved in July. This left me mostly at home.

I mention it this week because the weekend was particularly dull. Pretty much everyone was busy at this, that or the other thing.

Eh. Too much whining. Glad to have everyone back though.

I did have the opportunity to watch lots of tv. Broadchurch is particularly good. Big recommendation. It has Dr Who and Rory!

The only drawback is one more portrayal of an ineffectual priest. It might actually turn out that he’s the bad guy. But my problem at the moment is his lack of counselling skills.

The plot is that a 12 year old boy has been killed. The family and other town members are in mourning.

The priest provides some counsel. “God will give us strength” and “The child is with God now” type stuff. But as soon as he is confronted with questions or accusations he has nothing. “What kind of benevolent God would allow this?” Or “How can this be God’s plan?” Or ” Why would God do this to my boy?”

It is a good show. The anger and grief of the characters is well portrayed. But no priest in a parish would be unable to answer these. Dealing with suffering is at the core of Christianity. It is possible to reject those teachings or find them insufficient, but a first year seminarian would know the teachings. And all but the most socially awkward priests would know how to counsel with those teachings.

Eh. I still recommend Broadchurch though. That is only a small part of the story.

Wheelchair watch 2013 – 1/3 of the funding is in. Trying to see if I can order with just that much.


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