Weekly Recap

Well, last week wasn’t as busy as the week before.  Which was good because I was exhausted throughout

I’m writing this on my new computer.  That is a thing that happened.  I spent yesterday afternoon doing the configurating.

But I’m jumping ahead.  First my brother returned from the wilds.  He brought with him comics.  Lots and lots of comics.  Sometime on Saturday night I finished the final one.,  As I tell you about the other stuff I did just assume that I was also in the middle of reading a comic at the same time.

I’m collecting some good series these days.  I am.  Image is particular is releasing a lot of interesting material.

I also read a couple non-fiction books.  This is atypical for me.  Normally I just read fiction.  Reading those books reminds me of why.  I mostly just grew annoyed.  One was a Catholic apologetic book.  The other was on the history of D&D.   I read the books and want to do nothing but sit and argue with the authors.  Generally they are writing things I agree with, but that actually gets more even more riled up.

I was sick on Wednesday.  I was scheduled to take Friday off, but instead I worked since I had missed Wednesday.  Work is going quite well.

I had folks over for gaming on Friday.  I kicked butt at a game of Eclipse.  In theory I was playing the aggressive race designed for attacking.  I couldn’t find many people to attack.  And I didn’t develop my ships well.  Really I played my race poorly.  But instead I had many opportunities to make points.  This I did.  Going into the endgame I had a solid lead.  Then Tim sneak attacked me. He’d ended up making his ships much tougher.  This put Dave in the lead.  So in the final turn Tim attacked Dave.  Tim is a vicious player.  It was the right move though.  Dave was certainly winning, but it didn’t give Tim quite enough points to win.  One rule adjudication we made might have changed that.

The last attack hurt Dave quite a bit though.  Since it didn’t help Tim enough, I ended up picking up so last turn points and squeaking a victory by a single point.

We aren’t a good group for in your face conflict.

Sunday I attended mass.  I welcomed our new priest to the parish.  That was cool.

I also fielded questions about what D&D monsters can be domesticated and what monsters could beat Orcus.  This is my highlight for the week!  Sigh.  I’m still a 12 year old at heart.

Then I bought a computer.  Then Robin and I went to a movie.  It was a good show.  We saw Elysium.  As Rob pointed out, the whole show was fairly predictable, but it was put together fairly well.    It was cool hanging out with Robin.  I like hanging out with my friends.

Wheelchair watch 2013 – All paperwork is now in.  Now we wait.  September 20th is when my application will be reviewed.  Likely there won’t be much to report in this watch until then.  I will try to short-circuit the process this week, but I don’t hold up much hope.

That is the week.  Travel safe traveling people.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. craig says:

    Plus today the date for the fall scotch tasting came out woot!

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