Weekly Recap

Three of the four 17 year olds in this photo are now 40. One more to go.


This was a big week for Toddly. Lots to cover.

Saturday I had guests. Pauly brought his two eldest over for a quick visit. That was cool. Tom asked me what Wolverine’s weakness is. 🙂 I gave a great, horrible answer. Tom wanted to know if he could be injured or die. Well, I can think of at least three times Wolvie has died – all in alternate time lines. I’m sure there are more. So the easy answer would have been that a sentinel could blast him. But I’ve also read a comic where he lived through a nuclear blast (plus see the most recent movie). So I skipped the easy answer.

My instinct was to get meta with my answer. His capacity to be wounded and hurt is entirely dependant on the necessities of the plot. But that would have been a crap answer for a kid.

I’m doing all this in my head while Tom is looking at me expectantly.

The answer I gave is that he is vulnerable through his relationships. Wolverine has the habit of mentoring young women: Katie Power, Kitty Pride, and Jubilee are examples, but not the only ones. Wolverine can go off his nut when they are threatened. That is a pretty good answer I think, but not very satisfying for the boy.

Still it was my favourite moment of the week.

Treek visited. Then he was off to the States to see his girlfriend. Yeah. That happened.

Mom visited. Hey Mom! Soon she will be in Tuktoyaktuk.

I thought gaming would fall apart on Friday. But I ended up with two surprise, welcome guests. We played a game until I botched the rules enough that there was no use continuing. Then Pauly stole my keys which did lead to his return the next day.

I read several books. None worth writing about unfortunately.

I’ve watched two episodes of Breaking Bad. It is slow and fast. Taut and yet… I dunno. Nothing ever happens per my expectations. This late summer is just dynamite for TV.

On Sunday I passed my kidney stone. Yay! I’m not sure I’d even mentioned it. I had a week or so of moderate pain back in July. Since then I thought it was gone. I figured it already passed. Nope. Saturday night it made itself known and I have no doubt about where it is now.

Finally, Wheelchair watch 2013 – well gah! The good news is that my facilitator is back from holiday. I finished my to do list. But it turns out my cheaper quote is likely missing a $3000 part. And now there is a new hoop to jump through too. Figuring that out is my task for tomorrow. In general, not much progress in the last week.

Hey, that was a lot. My thoughts and prayers are with the sick and the travelling. Take care.

Now I will watch Newsroom!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Suellen says:

    I can’t stand Newsroom – it’s a bit much to take a woman who is supposedly at the top of her game flapping about like a fish wife. Has it gotten any better over the second season?

    • Um, not particularly. To its credit, the opening episode finally has a sequence where Mackenzie shows her competence. It also has a sequence in a later episode where the men are more moronically incompetent than Mackenzie ever was. But that isn’t really a positive.

      In general, Mac is better portrayed. Less dizzy. Less silly. Better decision making.

      All that said, I think there is still some misogyny in the show. Two new female characters were introduced. One as a love interest and the other as a bitchy foil. Neither is well defined without their relationship to a guy. Both have excellent actors in the role bringing more than is on the page.

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