Recap or some étude thereof

Wheelchair watch 2013 – almost zero progress to report since last week. Hmm. I should have more to report next week.

Starting last week we started a big change at work. I was most worried about having to remotely touch all the laptops around the province. If it went wrong, I’d be sending staff hither and yon for the rest of the month. The change went well. But all week everything else slowly blew up until Friday.

Friday was the day I kicked butt. Problems up and solutions down. Everything I touched worked. My team was excellent all week. I helped that last day. We went half live successfully today. The laptops go tomorrow and they’ll be fine.

Thursday I took my team out for drinks. Actually I invited some Service Alberta folks. It had a dual purpose. First to let my network team meet theirs. I always feel people work better together after meeting. Second, to thank SA for the help they’ve provided us. The second goal was a success. The first a failure as only one of my network guys showed up (bad timing, not negligence).

But we met a small crew from Enbridge too. They were also meeting Service Alberta folks. Together, the three groups were a decent sized party. I had a lot of fun. Much like work I ended up talking most with Tony and Suellen. They, and others, all seem good.

Then there were the normal comics and tv.

That was the week. And y’all?

Take care and stay good.


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