Weekly Recap

Hey look. It is my first post since last Monday.

Nuts. I guess the spree from my vacation didn’t translate into more posts last week.

In my defence, I had a kidney stone. Still do I think, but there has been no pain since Wednesday.

In other words I ordered the new wheelchair last Wednesday. Thursday I applied for funding. That is all in motion now.

In this space here I should be ranting about how awesome Pacific Rim was. But I haven’t seen it yet. But my scooter made it through last week with no problems. No problems, but not one extra hectometre that wasn’t needed. I’m coaxing it.

Played a new board game on Friday, Legends of Andor. It was a lot of fun. LoA is a fantasy cooperative game. We won the introductory scenario and lost the next one. Plus Tim brought ginger beer. I only inhaled one snoot full. That stuff is deadly!

Shout out to Mom for helping out with some house sitting. How do people get by without Mom’s nearby?

Happy birthday to the birthday on the 14th – which I missed! After advance planning not to! And happy birthday to the one tomorrow. At least I finally figured out when they were. I suck. See. I make it about me. It isn’t about me. Happy birthday! Many happy returns of the day.

I’ve started to say that now – many happy returns of the day. If it is good enough for the denizens of the 100 acre wood then it is good enough for me. (That is Milne’s denizens. Not Disney’s.)

Welcome to the new week. Stay good.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Suellen says:

    You only suck a little bit. 😉

    I’ll be in touch when you get new wheels so we can have beer.

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