Weekly Recap

Well. Last week was vacation. It was good and bad’ish.

On the good column, I am well rested. I watched movies and tv that were good. I read good comics. Played a good game on Friday. Really it was a lot like a normal week, but with less work and more just hanging out.

In the bad column, I accomplished almost nothing I intended. Namely there are five sizeable chores I’ve been postponing until I had time on vacation. Three were items outside the home. My issues with my scooter made those impossible. But three were in the home. I have no good excuse for not accomplishing those.

Even this blog. I committed to 10 entries during the ten days. This is the 7th of those planned ten. I fell apart during the heat wave and never caught up. I think that I did write some interesting stuff though. At least it wasn’t just more complaints about my scooter for a whole week.

The one thing I did accomplish is looking into a scooter replacement. I test drove a wheelchair. It is exactly what I need. However getting me a permanent one will prove to be a bit of a process. I must apply for funding. Once approved or denied I can order the chair. It looks to be a minimum of two months.

The new chair is nifty. It received lots of interest and feedback from the friends and coworkers who saw it. It is way fancier than anything Dad ever had. I even did a conga line at work – pulling coworkers in office chairs behind me.

Hmm. Not sure there is anything else to report. Any questions?

As usual, be well and take care!


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