Weekly Recap

Wow. It is too hot. Not as hot as tomorrow. Just too hot. My house may never cool down.

I’m on vacation. I’m planning a stay-cation. Time to get things done. But I’ve got three barriers

First, I’m just lazy.

Second, it is too hot to do anything at home.

Third, my scooter woes continue. After Dave fixed my tire last Sunday, I made an appointment for Thursday to get the tires replaced. On Tuesday, it shuddered to a halt again. The ramp and small slope on the front condo walk was too much. It sat and beeped. Turning it off and on allowed my another foot or two. By this means I entered the lobby. Once on the floor it was fine.

This was now the third time this happened. First coming home from my condo meeting. There is a big hill climb. It only needed resetting once. Second, on a Sunday at the mall. I blamed that on the low tire making it work too hard. But in hindsight it wasn’t the leak. The leak was big and flattened the tire in less than 36 hours.

Since I was heading into the shop for the tires anyway, I asked them to look at it on Thursday. When I called they said it was likely due to the rain storm. The scooter got wet and mucked with th e electrical. They found nothing more when they looked at the unit.

But then yesterday it happened again. I was going up the ramp into the movie theatre in the mall. It took about 10 restarts to get all the way up. I pulled on the handrail as well to give it more oomph. After the movie I made it downstairs and to the bus stop ok. I made it onto the bus ok.

I was scared though. My heart was pounding on the ride out of the theatre and across the mall. I knew I was safe. The mall was packed. Someone would help. I’d called Tim before and put him and his gaming buddies on call for a rescue. That was my head. My heart was on a ride in an unsafe vehicle in a sea of strangers. I did make it out of the mall fine.

But once home it shuddered going up the walk again. It took about six restarts to get indoors. I was fine in the lobby, but it was a problem on the carpet in the hall. Another ten restarts to make it into my unit.

No excuses this time. The battery is still new. The tires are brand new. There were no big hills. And at the end it had grief with level ground. The was certainly now rain. But it wasn’t the heat either since it started to be wonky in the air conditioned theatre. I didn’t ride long enough to drain the battery. It is the same trip I do every Sunday.

No. My scooter is just a mess. If I’m almost panicking in the mall, I know I’m not brave enough to try cross a street with it.

My trial wheelchair comes Wednesday. Tomorrow the holiday is over. I can call home care and say there is a crisis. I need some replacement post-haste.

And thus, nothing happening for the vacation.

In good news. I read two good books last week. I’ll review them in the blog. I saw White House Down. It is a very silly show, but entertaining.

It was the largest comic week ever. Days off work and I’m still not nearly done. Lots of good stuff too.

I got everything I could in order to leave work for a week. Going back will be fun.

Mom briefly arranged that I see some relatives. That was cool.

Finally I bought two new board games and a new expansion. I can’t wait to break them out later in July.

That is all. Back to my rest and relaxation. If only I could go out for beer. Or lemonade.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Suellen says:

    Normally you don’t get anything accomplished on your vacation because of the latent inertia of your couch. I think I prefer that being the reason versus your scooter needing to be sent to glue factory.

    So when are you getting a new horse?

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