This week brought to you by…

I complain too much on this blog. Sorry about that. It is a bit one sided.

My friends and family in southern Alberta all seem sound. That is a blessing.

Next week this recap will be written during my vacation. That is cool.

I just finished a book called Abbadon’s Gate which I really enjoyed.

I discovered a new board game I simply must own. I have a month to get it before my other summer vacation.

Work is solid. The shock of March is passed. The uncertainty of April is over. The cuts of May have been reversed. Now it is just work.

We tried a truly loathsome drink Friday night. It was some fermented yoghurt thing. That was fun.

Tim clued me into a nifty writeup on dragons. I quite liked it.

Dave found a great little poster.

If I had more energy there’d be links.

The sun is still shining. I’m relaxed and getting ready for sleep.

Thanks to Mom today. I took advantage of her kindness.

I think that is all.

Take care and stay safe.


3 thoughts on “This week brought to you by…

  1. craig says:

    it wasn’t kefir was it?

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