Scooter Woes

I’m hoping the litany of what is below builds to humour and not just pity.

I was driving in the mall last Monday and my scooter started acting weird.  When I went up a ramp it shuddered and stopped and started beeping at me.  If I turned it off and on again it would move again.  But it took five of these stops and starts to get up the ramp.  

I had been planning to ride my scooter home, but being stranded at the mall seemed better than being stranded on the road home. 

I called DATS.  They picked me up. 

I already didn’t trust my scooter.  After the problems in the winter I’d already been planning to replace it this summer during my holiday.  But after my mobility issues of the last couple weeks, I’m now in the market for a wheelchair.  My test drives are on the 3rd of June.  So I do not want to do anything with it now.  I want to just ride it out until I get the replacement.

Friday I got on my scooter to find that the back rear aft tyre was flat as a pancake.  Not a fluffy pancake, but a crepe.  I figured this explains the Monday issues.  The tire was getting low and the motor couldn’t work hard enough to get it up the slope.  I was relieved.

My Dad was in a wheelchair working for his whole adult life.  I think he missed less work in his career than I have in the last week.  But I called into work.  I figured I could work from home.

I called my go to tire pumper.  His compressor was on the fritz and he was on his way out of town for the weekend.

I put out the call on Facebook.  Within 30 minutes I had two offers.  Facebook is awesome for that. Matty left work, went home got his compressor, came over and pumped up my tire.  He is awesome.  He then rubbed soap bubbles over the tire and determined that there was a pretty substantial leak.  By his figuring  the tire might not last a day. 

Fortunately I have spares.  Yay!  I thought they were in the closet.  We checked.  They weren’t there.  So I figured they were in the cage downstairs.  I told Matty to leave and I’d get someone to get they when the guys came over that night.

As soon as Matt left, I began to worry that the tires were actually in Mom’s truck. Of course Mom is on a bus trip.  I called her to verify, but she only turns on her phone when she feels like it.  

I called my brother and asked him to go to Mom’s and check the truck for tires.  He said by noon he’d have it done.  At noon he called me from Mom’s saying, “I forgot.  Mom drove to Lethbridge and took the bus from there.”    I knew that too and had also forgotten. 

I called Dan to ask if he could check the cage just in case.  Of course I’ve lost the key to the cage.  But Dan has bolt cutters.  But Dan was on his way out of town too.  And the percentage chance was low anyway.

I resigned myself to waiting until Mom got back on Sunday.  Now Mom’s trip was in the Kootenay’s which flooded and she needed to come back over the mountains during the flood.  And then get her vehicle in Lethbridge – under flood watch.  Mom made it fine.

I tried calling again at 3.  She had turned her phone on.  Yay.  But she said she had moved the tires out of the vehicle and into the storage cage in her condo basement.  

I sent Tim over again.  He got the tires.  Yay!

Problem solved.  I could have the guys replace the tire when they came over Friday night.

Then things feel apart again.  Two issues.  I thought I had inflatable tires.  Nope.  They are like bike tires.  Seperate inner tube.  And I had no spares of that.  Second the tires were for the front not the rear.  

But now it was Friday evening.  The scooter shop service bays won’t be open until Monday.

Now I made two more bad assumptions.  First, I assumed Matt’s leak test must be invalid since he was detecting a leak from the wrong place.  So I hoped it would last longer than he estimated.  Second, I took it down to gaming as a test.  At the end of the night the tire seemed solid still.     

Result: I hoped it would be good enough to get me to work and home again.  I hate missing work. 

Sunday.  I decided to go to mass and then the mall to further test the tire.  Also selfishly I really wanted out of the house and to see people after being stuck here on Saturday.  Not that I normally see people Saturday.  But it is way more lonely when it isn’t by choice. 

At the end of mass the tire still looked good.  As I drove away, Dave said, “Tire looks low,” in a jokey tone of voice.

“Don’t say that!” I said.  “Um, does it really look low?”

“You’re OK.”

I was at the mall for 20 minutes when I knew something was wrong.  I checked my tire and it was low.  I called DATS for an emergency pick up.  That took 3.5 hours. 

While I was sitting there waiting the tire deflated the rest of the way.  I’d already called Dave for a rescue.  He’d agreed to come over in the evening and fix the tire.  He texted back soon after and said that even better he could get his brother the auto mechanic to fix it.  

i called Dave early and asked for an emergency pump so I could at least get home.  He beat DATS to me by 45 minutes. 

Now having ruined Dave’s plans for the day I finally got home. 

Dave came over to fix the tire. 

Which is where we are now.  The current issue?  The tire just won’t come off.  We are 1.5 hours into the repair and it is still as snug and secure as it can be.  Dave is currently off buying more tools.  (We didn’t actually to anything for 1.5 hours.  I did nothing all along.  Dave was interrupted for 30 minutes when the building was evacuated for a fire alarm. 

Worst case scenario?  I call Shopper’s Home Health Care on Monday.  They pick it up Tuesday.  They don’t have the right tube to fix it.  That takes, what, a week to come in?  I never make it to work again.  I’m still here on the 3rd when they show up for my wheelchair trial. 

The scooter falls on Dave as he tries to get the wheel off crippling him badly.  I get them to bring a wheelchair for him to trial as well.

Then the tire problems migrate to the battery which explodes and kill us all.  

🙂  But maybe all these problems are just making me overly optimistic.   


4 thoughts on “Scooter Woes

  1. Dave says:

    I’d already forgotten about the fire alarm… 😐

    Don’t you dare forget to order a replacement tire. Your side walls are shot. Most of the pressure is on the tube I’m sure. I wouldn’t guarantee those tubes lasting long with the shape your actual tires are in.

    I know you’re a week from trialling a new wheel chair, but unless they are leaving it there when you trial it, you need to replace your back tire(s).

    Preferably while I’m away 😉

  2. Dave says:

    The more I think about your tires and the location of the hole, I think the following happened.

    You sit on scooter, tires compress.

    Tube is pressurized but spreads out to bump against sidewall of tire.

    You get off scooter and sidewall pinches the tube, creating hole.

    If that is what happened, you could get another hole anytime.

    Prolly a good idea to check the pressure once a week at least.

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