Weekly Recap

Last week had a pile load of difficulties. I had some new significant mobility issues at home and work. I had a kidney stone. And just today my scooter started acting up again.

I was asked if I felt any different, older, at forty. “Yeah. After the last week, I feel older. ”

But last week had grooviness in large measure.

AHS took my issues seriously and mobilized quickly. I saw them three times last week and on Friday one of the mobility issues was resolved. I have a lot of complaints about AHS, but the dedication of the people working on my case is not one of them. They were pretty awesome.

Saturday, we did a guys day out thing. A couple hours chat over dinner and beers followed by a movie. It was very nice. I’m glad that they all seem to be doing well. Good times. Looking forward to the Guys Weekend when we’ll get to do the same with added games.

Sunday was an outing with the family. (Handy to have a brother fall into both groups.). We went to Amaluna. I’ve never seen a Cirque de Soleil show before. It was incredible. My favourite bit was the stick balancing act, but all the sections were great. If you’ve never seen a show, I highly recommend it.

Good times with friends and family. Then I took today off to recover.

Time to go back at it tomorrow.

Take care all. I know many are dealing with both highs and lows greater than mine. My thoughts and prayers are with y’all.


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