This week has been a chain of suck. I must vent. Sorry, but it is starting to get to me.

Some of this is trivial and some serious. I’m mixing it up and hopefully I add some humour, but I don’t mean to slight the real stuff. I also rant about some stuff and not others. There is no rhyme or reason there.

My uncle looks like he might be quite ill.

I had to attend my condo meeting yesterday. The last item was a crotchety person suggesting maybe we could change the bylaws to get rid of the young people. “Maybe upping the minimum age to 40.” If I had wanted to live in a seniors residence I would be. They had the same choice. I value the diversity here. Heck, I wouldn’t mind children in the building… Families bring verve.

After the meeting I scooted home and apparently tracked mud onto my carpet.

I missed a Dr appointment. Oops.

I still have a different Dr appointment this week. And another on deck. I hate doctor visits.

I haven’t had time to watch Game of Thrones yet. But I’ve participated in many discussions about it.

One of my staff handed in their notice today. Higher pay at a place where there have been no recent layoffs. This was the kicker.

Tried out new shoes. They are good. But when in them I can’t stand from my office desk chair. I’ve concluded that I just can’t do that anymore. I was having trouble in the old shoes too. Lately sometimes it was easy and sometimes I couldn’t do it. So I had to ask my staff for aid on an ongoing basis until I can come up with another solution. The good news is that they seem happy to help. At least for now.

My brother can’t come by with comics until tomorrow.

My book reader just started to eat my books. It is losing my place in them and when I leave the book the book disappears.

And finally this

Creekside is where my folks live and where Dad got care until he passed. Here is how it works. A group of disabled people worked with the builder to ensure that the condos were multipurpose. It isn’t a residence for the disabled. It is a normal adult condo.

Then the disabled residents pooled the money they are already getting from the government and created a non-profit co-op to direct their own care. They manage the co-op. they hire their own staff – caretakers. They customize the care they receive. As a result there is on site, on call 24 hour care. You can use just a little or require round the clock care. They have a stable staff. They have consistent care. They are using the money they qualify for anyway.

Tell me how that isn’t the Albertan way. It is as self-reliant as possible. It allows direct control. It is people looking out for themselves.

But that isn’t good. The government is going with 5 vendors apparently. A small self-run entity with 15 clients is not efficient enough. The residents will lose control. They won’t be grouped but 15 separate clients.

Why? Centralized service is supposed to be cheaper. But home care isn’t about economies of scale. It is about quality of care. It is about relationships between the client and caretaker.

And it is the same pool of money. It is just going to a different entity now. It isn’t any cheaper for the government except they will deal with fewer vendors.

As a result, the residents will be farther away from government. They will deal with a company instead.

When there is a problem with the care being received? They used to be able to fire the caretaker and hire a more appropriate person. Now they will just be able to complain.

What about the perks they were able to get? On- site, on call 24×7 coverage for all people. If you slipped in the tub? There was someone in the complex to help. (Saving a call to fire/ems for rescue). If you needed a special one off bit of help? You could call. How can an outside agency provide that flexibility?

It was an institutional level of care in a completely non-institutional setting. Non- members of the co-op in the condo complex were likely barely aware of it.

I was looking to move there one day myself. It makes sense.

At least it did.

That is enough. I’ve vented.


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