I renewed my driver’s license today. I foresaw many challenges with process.

I was worried about getting there. Registry offices are placed where cars go not where scooters go. The nearest, and only accessible, office was located was in the road tangle at Stony Plain and 170th. Even in a car that is a sucky intersection. On a scooter?

Remarkably easy actually. I shouldn’t have worried.

But I was so concerned about the travel I put off the renewal. The notice arrived a long time ago. I became worried I had missed the deadline. But my friends pointed out that the renewal date was easy to remember and hadn’t yet arrived. It is your birthday.

Still I brought lots of documentation just in case. But proving my identity was simple.

Once I arrived in the tiny, crowded offices I began to worry about my picture. Could I get the scooter to the camera?

But that was easy too.

I thought it might be hard to give up my right to drive. I didn’t renew a class 5, but a non-driver’s driver’s license.

But I haven’t actually driven in over two years. Deciding to stop driving was much harder than telling the government I’d done so.

All of these worries for nothing. I wasted many important moments when I could have been thinking about Candy Crush on these worries.

No, the one issue I ran into was unexpected.

“Are your eyes still blue and hair brown?” asked the agent.

“Yep,” I said.

She stared at me pointedly. I didn’t clue in.

“We’ll,” she said, “your, um, hair…it’s…”

“Oh. Right.” This was the hard part. “I guess it is as much grey as brown.”

Stupid hair. My self image hasn’t changed in 30 years. 6″ and a bit. 160 lbs. Blue eyes and brown hair. That stuff isn’t supposed to change. But most of it has.

Bloody ageing. Who needs renewals?

At least my eyes are still blue.


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