Weekly Recap

4 items left on my chore list. That counts making this blog entry.

That was my day today. Plus too much playing Candy Crush. I blame my brother for that.

For the long weekend I took it easy. Books, comics, tv and movies. Star Trek was the movie. It was quite good. I don’t have any criticisms actually. That is odd. I quite enjoyed myself without bring blown away with excitement.

The big news in the week was a sore leg. It was painless by Wednesday, but then Thursday it hurt again. Thursday night and Friday morning were actually when it was most painful. Today it is not even noticeable. So I hope there isn’t another relapse when I go to work tomorrow.

Hmm. It was an uneventful week. Thanks to Mom for dinner. I just finished the leftovers.

Three things left.
Take care!


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