Don’t let “this” much bad mess up a day with “this” much fun

I eavesdropped on a mother giving this lecture to her child at the mall yesterday. It seems to accurately sum up my week too.

It was another good week at work. Friday sucked a bit. I had no meetings and no crises. I thought I’d accomplish a ton. But I didn’t do as much as I hoped. Until then… it was good. Thursday was particularly challenging. This went horribly awry, but it was great to watch the team get together and fix them. So I’m counting that as a good day.

Gaming on Friday was cool. We did a city building session. We weren’t great at keeping focus…but it was all good. Until the end. The homemade cider brought was disarmingly potent. I got drunk enough to see the room spin. And another guest drinker still. I had only three drinks. But lemme tell you if Thorogood had sang about one cider, one scotch and one beer, it would have been a much shorter tune.

Then came Mother’s Day. It was the highlight of the week. My usual routine of Church, then Edo, then a movie was bolstered. First, I quite enjoyed the movie. I saw The Great Gatsby. Secondly, instead of going home I went out for supper with Tim, Mom and Gail. (Confusing, but no relation between Mom and Gail.). We went to Izakaya Tomo and it was terrific. I enjoyed every dish. The owner calls it a Japanese restaurant that offers something different than just sushi, sashimi and chicken teriyaki. We had tuna, oysters, two pork dishes and a salad roll plus desert. All good.

But then I came home and fell down. My left leg buckled and I went down. I blame the 14 consecutive hours on the scooter. I don’t normally just sit that long. I didn’t hurt going down at all. As usual it was in slow motion. But I landed on my side awkwardly with my arm pinned under me. I wanted to free my arm and roll onto my back, but I couldn’t do it. So I rolled onto my stomach.

Oh, none of this was scary. I’d hit my call button and Dano was enroute. But once on my stomach I found my braces kept me from moving much. I couldn’t roll over. And my legs were forced to splay uncomfortably. So I was uncomfortable waiting – not in pain, just not comfortable.

Of course Dano didn’t have a key so it took him 25? minutes to get in. But once in, he had me up in no time. However I’ve stretched out my groin and putting weight on it hurts. Far less now then when I awoke this morning. So I called in sick.

Which brings us to the present. It was a good week that was full of bad endings.

Hoping for solid good this week.

Take care. And welcome back travellers!


3 thoughts on “Don’t let “this” much bad mess up a day with “this” much fun

  1. Dave says:

    Your spare key is in my pocket… went there immediately after your e-mail this morning. Feel bad.

    Fwiw, Karalee was at the house with your key… of course this is not useful information at this time… should have gotten it to Dano before going away.

    Sorry about that.

    • Completely not your fault. I thought of it when you were leaving and I had a week to arrange with Andi to get it.

      I thought someone would buzz Dan in. No one did. Which is good for our security. Going down to your place would have taken just as long. Longer I think.

      It will teach me to take more care of the key. 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    I could have thought about it as well…

    Sorry about that.

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