Weekly Recap

Last week was incredibly good at work.  Especially Friday.  I had several days where it really felt like I was producing things of value rather than just doing what needed to be done.  I wonder if there are jobs out there where no day is ever just a grind.  I doubt it.  Even the most engaging of positions will eventually become routine.  So weeks like the last one are always to be treasured.

I finished my grand adventure on Fridays.  I’ve talked about it ad nauseum already, but it did what I wanted.  The best part is where things do not go according to plan.  The first night was all on script.  The second night they trashed my end of the adventure climatic setting and spent much, much more time on items than I anticipated.  Nights three and four were all adaptation.  Unlike a book or movie or a comic, games are developed during play and collaboratively.  This worked out very fine.

There was a semi crash.  There was great cooperation.  There were come cool compels.

I finished the book Zoo City.  I give it a ‘meh’.

I finished Season 5 of Supernatural.  I give it a ‘meh plus’  I did finally like Castiel in this season.

I went and saw Iron Man on the weekend.  It is a fun ride, but ultimately  forgettable.  It is funny.  It moves and is never boring.  The plot is engaging.  The character arc is a complete mess.  It is much better than the 2nd outing, but not nearly as good as the superlative original.  Fans of the series will enjoy themselves.

Anything else this week?  Not sure.  So I’m gone.

Talk to you later.  Take care.


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