Is too much. Must sum up.

I’m currently 3/4 of the way through one of the most complicated adventures I’ve ever plotted and run. For my own benefit and for the players what follows is a timeline to date and the current dispositions of the party.

Plot: The vampire sorcerer Roger Smith intends to take control of Edmonton by pillaging magical energy from ley lines and eventually a faerie lord. The faerie lord, known as The Warden, will destroy Edmonton before he allows this to happen.


  • Smith organizes his resources. This includes minions who will assault the party and Edmonton as distractions.
  • He informs his allies of his plans and convinces them to cooperate.
  • He makes a deal with the Premier not to interfere. (In return for what?)
  • He sends a false prophetic dream to the Warden. This dream convinces The Warden that Smith will be an unstoppable threat after 3 pm Sunday. But Smiths plans actually have this happening shortly before midnight Saturday.

Friday: Fire and Ice

  • The Warden calls the party. He informs them he will destroy the city at 2:30 Sunday if they are unable to stop Smith. He also gives the bad news that he has had visions that show this as unacheivable.
  • Heavy snow causes whiteout conditions in the city.
  • The minions assault the party. The also detonate explosives throughout the city. These horrific actions are intended only to distract all Smith’s opponents from his true purpose.
  • Tibetan monks inform the party that the prisons (magical) in Edmonton will also suffer assault this weekend.
  • Smiths allies abduct: Danny Danudo, Cstb Ecrow and Cstb. Sjolstrom, Silvain’s sister and The Crow
  • Night falls.
  • Minions attack the railyard and the doorman
  • The party saves Poppy, learns of the abduction of Crow.
  • Pip the Troll assaults Smith’s house.
  • The party assaults Smith’s house. Rescues Crow and brings him to safety at Ft Edmonton Park.
  • Smith attacks Nefer Gon and steals two prison talismans (keys)

Saturday: A personal day

  • Still night.
  • the party speaks to the Doorman and determines he has two keys. They tell him to hide and take measures to protect his keys.
  • The party tracks down Prof Lafferty. The is a big fight vs. The White Court who were trying to get his key and kidnap him. Xerxes is killed. The party gets a talisman.
  • Poppy and monks travel to WEM and revive(?) Nefer Gon
  • The party tracks down the remaining hostages. They are guarded by Mr. Asp. They defeat him and rescue their friends. Hans and Silvain escort them to Ft. Edmonton.
  • The Doorman uses his keys to separate Edmonton from The Never Never.
  • The Jades make their move and assault Redford. Sam distracts them until Gon arrives and engages in a spectacular aerial fight over the city.
  • The party (now with a plan), Smith (after the keys), and The Warden( angry at The Doorman) all meet at City Hall. Harry isn’t home. The party runs. So does Smith. The Warden finishes the demolition of the building.
  • The party finds The Doorman. They gather all 7 keys at the Railyard. Then they realize they need to find Poppy.
  • Day break.
  • Poppy begins to track down Smith. She destroys two lairs she knows of and learns the location of two more from brilliant IT geeks. (Oh they’ll be coming back)
  • The party reaches Poppy. She returns to the railyard.
  • The party checks out lair 3. But Artemis is there ahead of them and destroys it. The party runs.
  • The party and most allies gather at Walker yards. Poppy preps for the plan. It is about 2:30. 24 hours until The Warden destroys the city (which he is currently unable to do). Less than 12 before Smith casts his ritual (but he is one key short)

Major Players:

  • Smith – location unknown. Possibly dead. Needs a key (or 7)
  • Redford – unknown. Last seen under Jade Court attack.
  • The Warden – at the Muttart. Expecting the party to bring him The Doorman. Still plans on destroying town.
  • Nefer Gon – Unknown. Last seen fighting the Jade Court and kicking butt.
  • The Jade Court – Asp dead. Others unknown. Last scene fighting off Nefer and Redford.
  • The White Court – mostly dead. Still at large Darius.
  • The Crow – unknown. Last seen asleep and recovering at Ft. Edmonton.
  • Artemis – unknown. Last seen in south Edmonton

Minor players:

  • Papa Cass – unknown. Last scene getting blown up
  • Pip The Troll – on his way to 11pm Saturday.
  • Reporter – off air after filling report of “Edmonton Armageddon – Old Gods and Vampires”. Footage included blurry shots of the Dragon battle until a Sasquatch ended it.
  • Cnst. McCauley – on Smith’s trail. Not really. Created safe haven at Ft. Edmonton
  • Eskandar – unknown. At mall?
  • Prof Lafferty – on campus.

Allies and Party:

  • Heinrich and Poppy – at railyard. Not talking. Poppy pregnant.
  • Harry (The Doorman) – at railyard. Revealed he carries St. Peter’s key ring
  • Tibetan Monks- at railyard
  • Hans and Silvain – at Ft. Edmonton
  • former hostages (constables, lawyer and sister )- at Ft. Edmonton
  • Fr. Lacombe – unknown
  • Bathran and Tony – unreachable
  • Rest of party – at the railyard.

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