Mini Reviews

The Great Gatsby (book) – millions of school children likely hate this book after being forced to read it. But it is quite good. It is short and punchy and moves. The plot is predictable except for one plot twist. But it is about character and setting and theme more than plot.

Its greatest strength is the language. Fitzgerald writes and conjures.

Its greatest weakness, IMO, is that all the characters are weak. Their flaws are their defining traits – never their strengths.

It has one of the best and saddest last lines in all of literature. Go look it up. Or read the whole book and get there naturally.

Oblivion – packed to the brim with sci-fi goodness and yet it was dull.

The movie presented itself as a big action, dramatic visuals, neat concepts type show. But it really wanted to be a thinking man’s sci-fi. But there weren’t new ideas to ponder and debate – there was just the setup for the next plot twist. But it moved too slowly.

I did enjoy it. But it was no Matrix.

Now I will spoil the plot twists.

Spoilers – gonna give some space

List of sci-fi tropes in show. Incomplete:
– aliens
– the aliens are after our water
– the aliens are machines
– memory wipe
– the robots will turn on us
– oops, working for the bad guys
– the guys we thought were the bad guys and aliens? Those are the human resistance.
– clones
– “Nuke them IN orbit. It’s the only way to be sure. “


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