Weekly Recap

Ah! Last week was so long ago.

It had two days at work where I left feeling that the work I’d done was interesting, it had value, I’d achieved something and I’d helped my staff. Lots of days feel like just more of the same, but last week was very rewarding.

Plus I solved a technical issue.

It was an annoying tv week. My PVR messed up my Sunday recordings. I needed to find both on the Interwebs.

Comics had a big, big week. The downside of that is sometimes the quality gets lost in the quantity. I think the two Daredevils and Iron Man were my favourite. Plus I had a new Hellboy trade ( actually it was old, but new to me and Witchfinder not Hellboy proper), it was great.

I’m re-reading The Great Gatsby in prep for the movie. It is an excellent book. Filled with bad people though.

Gaming picked up some of the steam I lost the week before. This is still turning into a mammoth adventure. I might need to cut something to get it shorter.

Mom visited. Mom is awesome and hardly criticized me at all.

On Sunday, we did a group outing to see Oblivion. Dave and Rob accompanied me – just like the old junior high and high school days. The movie wasn’t great, but I’m still marking this as my highlight in a good week. Hanging out was cool and sort of retro. I still like those guys.

Yesterday sucked. For no good reason I decided to be both anxious and crabby in the morning. The day was filled with a normal mix of good and bad stuff, but I dwelled on the bad.

Until I got home and watched GoT. Great episode and while viewing all the tension leaked away.

I’m eager to face today!

That’s it. Take care all!


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