Creepy Dream?

I had this dream last night.

I was driving around and picked up a couple attractive young women of my acquaintance. Not creepy young – mid to late twenties.

I was on DATS of course. In two separate events I spotted the ladies walking on the sidewalk. I waited until we stopped and the driver got off. Then I opened the window and invited them on.

It was the same story in both cases. Their cars had broke down and they were walking home.

When the driver returned I convinced him to give them a ride because it was on the way. (This part of the dream was a bit repetitive, but it was building to the good bits.)

And then the dream proceeded as you might expect…

We drove the ladies to their homes and then dropped me off at home alone.

Gah! My dreams are G-rated. Even my dream-self seemed disappointed.

At least I’m a nice guy.


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