Weekly Recap

Ah, last week was hard.

At work we reached the end of the contracts for 10 people. Their last day was Thursday. I wanted to do nothing but make sure that went as smooth and painless as could be arranged. But it was also fiscal year end and other work and factors made that hard.

Three things got me to the weekend. The knowledge that a long weekend was coming. The opportunity to give a little speech. The complete awesomeness of all my staff.

My speech mostly sucked. But my innate ” incredibleness” at speaking seemed to garner a lot of praise. I wish it had actually been better. Still praise, even when you feel it is ill deserved, always feels good.

Then came the weekend. I watched tv, movies and blogged. Mostly I watched tv. Dr. Who was great. GoT was decent, but a bit dull. Walking Dead was disappointing. I found the weekend great.

It was split in the middle by Easter. I spent time in church and with family. It was very good.

That is the week that was.


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