It is Saturday!

Played a neat new game last night. I may have won. It was a tied win. But Dave may have won instead. It got late and we might not have been counting victory points right.

We played at least one rule wrong. Oh, the game was Merchants and Marauders. Pirate games are a fairly common board game theme. This is the best implementation I’ve played. But there was a little issue with game flow. Port action took a long while. And naval ships seemed really tough.

A new novel by Guy Gavriel Kay comes out in April. Huzzah! I’ve been a bit booked out recently. No books are engaging me enough to finish. This is disturbing. But Kay’s book is one I will really dig.

In case you didn’t notice, this blog has no structure. Just semi-coherent ramblings.

This week was favour week for me. I broke my ankle brace on Monday. This resulted in three favours: my team helping me get back into my scooter, Mom getting it fixed, and Dave being on call in case I ran into trouble without it. Next I needed another favour from Rob as a reverse gopher. Lots of favours. Thanks everyone.

One final note. All Pope Francis’ homilies get posted online. They are normally pretty short, but make for good reading. I’ve liked them quite a bit.

This link is for the Chrism Mass on Wednesday

See y’all on Easter! Save me some chocolate.


5 thoughts on “It is Saturday!

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for the link… and what rule did we play wrong?

    • Rumours – I thought they were too easy. All rumours take two rolls. An influence to gather and either a leadership (port) or scouting (at sea) to resolve. Fail the second and the rumour is untrue and discarded.

      Compared to missions which have a pre-req and a roll, I thought rumours were too easy.

  2. Pauly! says:

    Yep… glad that you went out and read the rules! 🙂

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