Weekly Recap

Holy moley! That was some week.

Darest I ignore giant world events? And just focus on my stuff? That seems highly selfish – even for me. But I’ll dare.

Tuesday – my doctor asked me to play model for his class. I had the opportunity to talk to a class of medical students. I was typically awesome. It was fairly fun.

That evening Treek came in. He seemed alright. We went to Star Wars Identities the next day and it turns out I’m an Ewok. I guess it is due to my kind and cuddly nature. Beyond that, I was a big fan of the show. It was like RPG character creation in many ways. I thought the big 5 personality traits was something new for me.

Also, in case there was doubt, I’m not a Sith Lord.

Then there were comics. I liked the comics. As usual, they were good.

Friday was gaming. We tried another new board game. Tzolkin. It was ok. I got my butt kicked. It wasn’t as good a Myrmes, but still alright.

Then Saturday. As normal it followed Friday. That evening old coworkers visited. We had pizza and bourbon and beer. They were cool and bought all the food.

Look at all the neat stuff that happened!

Then came Sunday. Mom came to mass, but then took off to listen to the radio. I went to the movies and as The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. It is not a good movie. Not horribly bad but just bland.

Really other than the snow and cold it was a marvellous week. Now I want a break.

Take care all.


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