I try not to comment on Government policies in this blog. I have an NDA for one reason. For another, my work ethic is motivated by challenge and perceived value and benefit. It has little to do with politics. In fact, IT is normally not overly political. The tie between IT and how it benefits Albertans is rarely direct.

All together it means that while I care deeply about politics, I keep my discussions about generalities rather than specifics. At least I do within this vehicle.

I said earlier that I’m motivated by perceived value and benefit. Unfortunately that also means I’m unable to remain dispassionate about my job. I care. I care about the work. The people. The product. The process.

Therefore, this week I was crushed. I’m getting over it quickly. I’m not upset today. It’ll pass.

The first half and the second half of this blog are directly tied, but intentionally oblique.


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