I am sore. My butt is bruised.

It is the daily bus rides. The tie straps on a scooter have a little give and so does the seat belt. The result is that a bump can raise me into the air just enough to hurt on the way down.

The potholes in Edmonton this year are bad. We don’t hit the big bumps every day, but there are no gentle rides. I get no time to heal.

But what really annoys me are the people mad at the city because we have potholes. To my knowledge they aren’t preventable in asphalt. And the warm winter with frequent temp changes and lots of precipitation is tailor made for generating the buggers.

And they complain they aren’t fixed fast enough. Once again, I’m no expert, but I think the cold mix patch applied in winter can only be temporary. We are in a deal-with-it state until thaw. And even then the patching crews aren’t magic brownies. They work 1 hole/crew until they are done. And many roads have what seems like a million holes.

Or they complain patching isn’t enough. Some roads need a grind and repave. True enough. Some certainly do. But those need clear roads and weather and time and money. And even with a grind and pave a road like Argyll under the train tracks will still deteriorate very quickly.

Potholes really suck. I get it. My butt gets it. But there really isn’t a good scapegoat here. To quote my friends, “Suck it up, Princess”.

Or In situations like this, with no one to fairly blame, I always like to blame the network. .


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