Onto the Carousel

Mom likens a visit to the Doctor as getting on a carousel. The most likely result is that you see more doctors.

Went to the doctor today. Guess what? I have 9 follow ups. Nine.

3 I’ve already dealt with. 6 left. 1 is a quick item for tomorrow lunch. The rest? Either 4 or 5 will require separate work absences. Gah. With DATS each visit takes a minimum of half a day. Normally. So three days away from work.

Mom said to not get on the carousel. But there is apparently a real thing they are looking at now. Not a serious, life threatening thing, but a thing. It isn’t just me complaining of a cough.

I think I can dodge one. And one might be unnecessary. Hopefully.

Stupid carousel.


2 thoughts on “Onto the Carousel

  1. Dave says:

    You’re so lucky…. I can barely see my doctor for 15 minutes, and that’s if I make an appointment for a physical.

    But you have 9 Doctors that want your time.

    So lucky…

    p.s. the above comment assumes you are mostly healthy…

    • My family doctor is the same. Take BP, order blood tests, refill prescription, ask if there is any change.

      Good times.

      To get the carousel, you need a specialist. Especially one that likes to consult with other specialists.

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