Movies – After Oscar

Critics say last year was great at the movies. I’m a little more ‘Meh’.

There were some incredible action flicks – The Avengers and Skyfall for instance. But the Oscar type movie has left me unmoved.

I have seen less than half of the Oscar contenders. So my reactions might be different after seeing the rest.

I list them below with comments. (List culled from the best picture, acting, directing and writing categories):

Movies I’ve seen:

Argo – good thriller, but not great. The comedy bits in Hollywood were the highlight. I liked Affleck’s The Town better
Life of Pi – beautiful. Worth seeing. But the story ain’t all that.
Django Unchained – I’ve seen Tarantino do this before.
Les Miserables – I didn’t like the music
Flight – Denzel is really good. But he’s been much better. Interesting look at how a ‘functioning alchoholic’ isn’t really functioning.
Moonrise Kingdom – I quite liked this film. My second favorite of the quirky director’s oeuvre. Recommend if you like quirky.
Lincoln – a movie made up of great moments that doesn’t quite become great itself. It comes close so often though. So far this is my favourite of the contenders.
The Master – I had such high hopes. But I found this to be a mess. Just a mess.

Have not yet seen

Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty
The Impossible

Have no Plans to see

The Sessions
Beasts of the Southern Wild


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