Everyone comes back in the end

I had an idea for a story setting. Not a story idea. Just the setting.

It is a real world, but the folks in it come back to life like comic book characters. Not resurrections or miracles, but ‘she wasn’t actually dead’, ‘they were able to stop the bleeding’, magic and cosmic tom foolery.

Sometimes they don’t come back easy. They might be zombies or vampires. Or the surgery that saved their life turned them into a half man/half machine.

Sometimes, a person dies, but it wasn’t actually them, but their evil twin.

Sometimes, a person doesn’t return for a long while. Then there is a full continuity reboot and they come back.

But the characters aren’t superheroes or Holmes fighting Moriarty by the waterfall. They are just normal folks.

Would the story be about them discovering this? Or do they know about it and they try to ensure they can come back quickly. Or maybe the characters are all just deluded (that is the darkest option of the blackly comic ones). Maybe there is only a town where this happens and an outsider wanders into the craziness (the current comic series Revival is actually based on a similar concept).

Maybe it isn’t a dark comedy, but is a drama exploring loss and death.

It is a silly setting. Bouncing in my head is the slapstick version. Hopefully writing it down excises it.


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