Weekly Recap

Ah! Three days of rest.

It is ironic that I was so restless when stuck at home, but quite relaxed during the long weekend.

Speaking of my scooter…it is working. It isn’t fixed, but it is not causing me grief either. It was twitchiest on Thursday. But there was never a worry about getting stuck though. On Friday and especially Sunday it behaved perfectly. As if it had never had problems.

I’m looking at buying a new one though. I’m too dependant on its reliability to have it being flaky.

I was back in the office this week. It was exciting and busy. Four significant technical issues, that I’m aware of, for me to resolve on Monday. Plus new problems and non-technical. I also had another notice of resignation given. That sucked.

The work highlight was my co-worker Shaun’s last week with hair. He has had it in a long ponytail since his teen years. He raised an astonishing $3400 for the hair massacure. Friday it all came off. I’ve viewed pictures of the new short do, but I’m eager to see it on Monday.

Gaming Friday was…wow. I still screwed up. I created two scenes for the purpose of handing out fate points in prep for the climax. The players managed to insert a 3rd, but they were still under powered for the finale. The good news is that the characters are the de facto operators of a casino. And Poppy might be a little in their debt. The bad? The bad guys escaped. They are banished from the mall. And I killed my first character in years… Maybe. There might be a last minute pull through if the surgeons are incredible.

Anyway the finale was great. Dramatic with a big escape.

I saw Die Hard at the theatre. I was jaded going in. But the movie mostly worked. The John McClane character works… Like most big action movies the plot is a mess though. Watch for the magic radiation spray.

Finally bought a new board game. Tzolk’in. Yay. Quite happy with that.

That is the week.


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