Words, words, words

I wish two things. Two things for this particular blog anyway. Related things. The first is that I put in the effort to make the words herein effective. The second that I had the talent to make them sing.

I had a conversation about definitions this week. About what words mean, seem to mean, do not mean and can be mistaken to mean. I have to admit that I get caught up in definitions. I think to know how things work. To break them apart into atomic components and poke around inside.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

That is me. But I can get lost in the forest while examine the trees, the bark, leaves, sap and limbs.

We use words not always according to their definitions. We use them to our purposes. Context changes definitions. Intention changes definitions. Delivery can upend the definitions.

Language. Language is more than words and certainly more than their definitions. Language fascinates me. I approach it from the bottom up by default, but I thrill to step back from time to time and experience it in its full grandeur.

Language shapes thought. We all have the ability to think in images and symbols. Our dreams are vivid and other. Meditation is about eliminating distraction and language and outer things and experiencing other. But, I sit in my chair and think normally in language.

I think in English. I used to be able to think in French. Now I translate in my head from one to the other. I think in English.

My capability to experience and use words in large part encapsulates my ability to think and process. The limits of my world are as much about my ability to express them in language as they about borders and seas and mountains.

I love to play with language. To use it improperly. To engage in florid hyperbole or minimalist grunts. I love it when I turn a phrase and it matches intent. But it happens so rarely. Often I’m frustrated as a concept will not be codified in words and punctuation. When I know the perfect word, but it will not come.

Stupid words.

I wish I could get them right.


2 thoughts on “Words, words, words

  1. Robbob says:

    And to think u express yourself well. 🙂 just saying!!

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