Well. That was a dull week. No movies. No books. I Reread comics.

No gaming on Friday. Although I had some great guests. It was the week’s highlight.

Another nice touch was Mom made frequent visits. She was concerned about my food situation. I’ve seen her more frequently in the past weeks. An unforeseen privilege of being housebound.

I’ll spare you another scooter rant. But it is not yet fixed. Grr. I’m back at work though.


2 thoughts on “Recap

  1. craig says:

    A dull week?? You have a papal resignation!! Who will be next? Is it coincidence that it happened right before Lent? If Marc Ouelette is the next pope will there be a Vatican hockey team?

    • I also had a staff member resign. So that is who’s next. 🙂

      Ah, the world is an interesting place to live this week. And last. Extreme weather and other tragedies. Lots of hockey. Superbowls.

      Life. But from my isolated bubble it was boring. I don’t mean to sound whiny. It wasn’t torturous just dull.

      I’m sure it wasn’t coincidence. If Pope Benedict’s health is failing quickly it would be unfortunate if he couldn’t perform Easter duties and ceremonies.

      With this announcement, the papal congress should have a new Pope in place for Easter. There will be a strong head of the church during its time of greatest celebration.


      I doubt the Vatican will get a hockey team if Cardinal Ouelette is made the head of the church. Hard to ice the Coliseum or St. Peter’s Square.

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