This week in comics

I used to do this a lot. But it became repetitive and I had less to say.

This week I’m really excited about a new comic. So you are getting a run down. Yay!?


  • snapshot – by Andy Diggle and Jock – my comics dealer pushed this on me. It is great. The team that brought me Losers is doing another series. This time it is black and white and from Image. It has the same suspense, characterization, action and great art that made Losers great. But this is funnier as the main character is a young comic book dealer who quickly finds himself in over his head. Think ‘north by northwest’ with Jay Barenhal instead of Cary Grant.

Bendis Week

  • Daredevil End of Days – part five of eight. This has been a slow visit through Daredevil’s rogues. In theory it is revealing Daredevil through others. Until now it hasn’t quite clicked. This issue though was great. The Punisher scenes and reveals really worked. The art is pretty nifty too, if not quite a style I love. I still appreciate the artistry.
  • Scarlet – I thought this series was gone. A year since the last issue. Each issue is solid, but it moves slowly. Still great art.
  • all New X-Men – this is a consistently fun read. Seven issues in just over two months means that even though the pacing is slow the series seems to move. Needs more Iceman though.
  • ultimate Spidey – always a good read for me. Not a huge fan of the Venom design. Nice plot movement here though.

other Notables

  • Earth 2 – consistently more engaging than the main DCU.
  • Fairest – more horrific than Fables or the previous Fairest arc. This is pretty cool
  • Ironman – this Marvel Now title is fun. I like. Iron Man goes to space.
  • Hypernaturals – Yes the best cosmic adventure series out now. It has its gimmicks, but now, on issue 8, the focus is the story. It pops. I like

a few I have no opinion on

X-factor, Dial H, and secret Avengers – nothing to say

All told I thought this was a fine week. Very fine. Wait for the Snapshot movie and hope DC doesn’t make it.


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