Three months from now

The cult of the new. The desire to always be using the newest thing. A plague encouraged by marketing.

But in comics it is even worse. The way comics sales work is that the publisher is selling to retailers – not the end consumers. The publisher prints to order and so the ordering cut off is generally three months before the release date of the comic.

So all the marketing for a comic starts three months early. It is heavy for a month and then the next months books are being promoted. There are blurbs and covers and interviews and press releases.

Even the retailers and consumers begin to talk about future books instead of current ones.

Now that isn’t to say there isn’t coverage of the new releases. There is. Reviews, analysis, interviews and retrospectives. But it is still a small part of the conversation compared to the talk of the future.

I used to follow the future discussion. I read the previews and got excited about what was to come. Now I get a report of the comics coming out each week two days before release. I read that the way I used to read Previews. I try to be excited about what is.


Last week these books were cool:

Rachel Rising
Courtenay Crumrin
And Mara

This week I’m looking forward to:

Earth 2
All new X-men
Daredevil end of days


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