Recap – gah so busy

Weeks and no blogs but recaps. 2013 is crazy.

Saw Les Miserables on the weekend. I wasn’t a huge fan. My biggest disappointment was that I did not like the music. The performances and direction were fan, but almost every line is sung. The music is key and I found it dull.

My scooter started to break down last week. I’d lose power while driving and slow down to a crawl. I knew the tires weren’t full and I hoped that was part of the cause. The tires turned out to be 2/3 flat and once filled the problem cleared up immediately. Thanks to Rob coming through on short notice.

The mall was crazy busy again yesterday. It is starting to irk me. Shopping season is over and the crowds should dissipate. But there was an Idle No More protest at one end of the mall and a Blue Jays signing at the other. Except for me everyone either had on traditional dress or a Jays shirt. There were tons of people.

I bought the last WoT books yesterday. I’m half done and begrudge the low light on the bus. I’m blogging on the bus because I will spend every moment at home reading.

And work is insane.

Be well all. Avoid flus and colds. It is very tricky.


A short cat story as told to me by my brother

I was driving home from work. I was just minding my own business. A street light turned red.

Traffic slowed and stopped. As the last car ceased moving, a cat step from behind a light standard and used the crosswalk.

The cat crossed the road. Why? It doesn’t matter. Like all cats, she was the ultimate ruler of her demesne. How she used it was her business.

As the cat strutted through the crosswalk, she look at the halted traffic. The message was clear. ‘I made the traffic stop as is my right.’

Because this was my brother’s story and not mine, it ends here with the cat reigning supreme.

I’d have a coyote, the mangiest of predators, dart out to get it. And then both could get hit by a police car starting a Blues Brothers style pileup.

No people get hurt in Blues Brother style car pileups. Only varmints.


The cat finished crossing in the crosswalk. The light changed again and everyone went home.

The end.

Recap – happy and angry

Short? All my news is uncorked today.

Almost everyone is back from holidays at work. The full bustle is underway. It is glorious and maddening at the same time.

And Downton Abbey started again for its third season last night. Awesome. The best show since The Wire. So completely different the two shows. One is to discuss with Mom and the other with Tim. (Although I think Tim is more likely to enjoy the Granthams than Mom is every to appreciate Stringer Bell.)

Tomorrow A Memory of Light comes out. In hardcover, but not ebook. Not until April! Gah. I’m so angry. Mostly at myself. I know I’ll be getting the stupid hardcover although I dislike the format. Gah.

Nothing else to report. I wish you all well.

Recap – since the last recap

Just the highlights of the holidays.

We set of the burglar alarm at church on Christmas Day. A priest came to investigate. I would think is handy for a real burglar. You could ask for absolution before absconding with the sacramental wine.

After church my family was waiting with me for the bus downstairs in a little cubby. Mass ended early and the bus was not early so we had a good 40 minute wait. While we were waiting everyone else left to go enjoy their own celebrations and F. Paul locked the place up. Mom was worried about the bus and went out to reconnoiter. As the door opened the alarm went off.

We had a great chat when F. Paul came to investigate. He taught my brother a new recipe. Coke over Frosted Flakes. Tim tried it with a Corn Flake substitution. He doesn’t recommend it.

I caught up with the show Treme during the break. I thought Season 3 was great. And it had more music than ever.

We went to Buddy : the Buddy Holly story at the Mayfield. The story was weak, but the music and performances were nifty. And the food? Awesome – for buffet food, I can hardly imagine better. I had to leave before the end to catch my bus. I hope Holly made it out alive.

We gamed both Fridays. I wrapped up my adventure with a climatic battle that didn’t measure up to my setup. The next week we played Eclipse. I was initially skeptical as I was tired and it is a long game. But it was a great game. I provided a valuable resource. My last two moves made me an unintentional kingmaker. Plus I kept my brother from having a bad experience a losing his first game.

Gifts. I bought myself a walker and an electric razor. The walker is awesome. It is exactly the same a my old one, but shinier. And the seat isn’t broken. It is awesome. The razor is fairly bad so far. The first shave left most of the whiskers on my face. The second cleaned it up a little. I tried a third and there was lots of stubble. Finally on day three I shaved with a real blade. Gah.

Other than things I bought myself, i got a great scarf. I’m pretty sure I’ll be the 12th Doctor.

I also spent some nice time with family. The holidays are good for that.

Those are the highlights. I hope everyone else had great holidays too.

The dark and the past

Hi. Welcome to 2013.

I’ve done a couple versions of this blog in my head. I’m not sure which will emerge. Saying I’ve thought about it might raise expectations of its profundity. You should lower those.

The other night a guest and I had a disagreement about the upcoming movie Zero Dark Thirty. He advocated that the movie seemed in poor taste. I argued the null case.

Now the argument was neither too interesting nor a source of drama. What I found most interesting is that I was arguing against my own initial point of view. Instinctively, instead of just agreeing with my guest when the subject came up, I just had to take the opposite case. I’m some sort of contrarian.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Zero Dark Thirty, the movie is about the American investigation, assault and execution of Osama bin Laden. When I heard of the movie, my immediate visceral reaction was distaste. I had no interest in seeing a movie about a real life execution. Anyone making such a movie is catering to the basest desires of their audience.

That was my reaction. When my guest explained his stance he indicated that dwelling on such a dark piece of history is itself is ill seeming. What is done is done. Going back glorifies what needs no glory. He also indicated that we were still to close to the event for any emotional distance to be available.

Whenever I react as strongly as I did, I often second guess myself. The arguments I gave myself were the same ones I later relayed to my guest. The crux of the argument is that as an art form the primary goal of a movie should not be to entertain. I think I’ve said this before somewhere, but I hold with the Douglas Adams definition of art: it’s purpose is to hold a mirror up to nature.

In that light not having a movie like Zero Dark Thirty means that movies aren’t fully upholding their mandate. So the value of the movie would be dependant on whether it was simple exploitation of an event or whether it was actually art.

Further reading on the movie shows that the drama of the movie focuses on the investigation and the efforts of one intelligence analyst, played by Jessica Chastain, to convince the powers that be that bin Laden was hiding almost in plain sight, in comfort, not huddled in a cave with a single thread bare blanket for warmth.

That expansion of the plot shifts the focus from a movie about an execution to something with a real potential for drama. That seems to argue for art. But the movie still climaxes with the assault and execution.

Eh. Art or not, the question remains is this something I want to see? My initial reaction of distaste remains. I had no interest in watching the news coverage as they went over what happened. I have little interest in seeing that fictionalized. In that vein, I agree with my guest and wish I had said so in the argument. Life is short. No need to dwell on its darkness.

Which brings us to the new year. Last year is past. It should not be forgotten, but living in the past helps us not a whit. 2013 is here and we continue to move forward in the future.

I’m trying to do so with hope, optimism and love. Hope I encounter y’all there as well.