Weekly Recap

Scooter Fail 2013 is the story of the week for me.

My scooter began to show power issues in December. It started with reversing. I’d pull back the throttle and it would pause before starting. Or it would move slower. Or while reversing the speed would vary. It became more serious and began to impact forward as well.

Rob came and filled the tires. The symptoms went away and the scooter behaved almost like new. I still felt it lacked a bit of oomph at first, but after a mall trip, I was once again confident it was in good shape.

But last week, the symptoms came back while reversing. And they quickly became much worse. Instead of a slow worsening the issue became quickly bad. I found that going backwards barely happened. I’d pull the throttle and a second or two would pass before movement and that would happen at a crawl.

On Wednesday, it was bad. I was home after work and moving to park. I needed to move back four feet. My scooter didn’t move at all. I turned it on and off. I pulled the throttle with vigour and then gently. I spoke nicely to it and derided it with curses. I rocked back and forth and tried to use my feet to propel it. It took about five minutes, but I was able to coax it into place.

I have theories. One wheel doesn’t touch the ground anymore. That could be making it work harder. The issue seems worse after driving in snow. Maybe water is getting in somewhere. The issue is certainly worse when the battery is weaker. But is is much different than when my battery died last year. In that case the battery charge indicator went down. It still shows fully charged here. And the behaviour was consistent. It effected forwards and backwards equally and gradually worsened during the day. The current behaviour gets worse during the day but in a single trip can improve and get better several times.

Thursday I called for service. I went to the service depot voice mail. The VM message said, “please don’t leave multiple messages. We will get back to you.” They still haven’t. Not Thursday, not Friday, not today. I called a second time Thursday, but got the VM again.

The bad service company is Eco Medical. This is the second time I’ve had the same experience with them. The previous time was trying to get my walker fixed three months ago. They still haven’t returned that call either. I heartily recommend bringing your business elsewhere.

On Friday I called another company. They made an appointment and came this morning. But I still don’t have an ETA for its fix, a cost or even a diagnosis.

I took Thursday as a holiday and I worked from home on Friday and today. I hate working from home. I’m quite ready to be somewhere else now.

Friday night was gaming and so was Saturday night. Saturday was especially cool. I went out! Silvestris gave me garage to garage service and Dave did some extra heavy lifting. Thank you!

The games were good. I lost of course. The company was excellent.

That was the week.

Don’t watch Downton Abbey from yesterday. It was sad.


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