Stuck home

My scooter is broken and there is no fix on the horizon. Big things are happening in the news. The Premier will likely be on tv before I finish writing this. I’ve had two nifty conversations with Dave lately I want to blog about. But I have to enthusiasm for any of that.

So you get a list of board games I wish to purchase.

*signifies no North American release yet.

  1. Eminent Domain – an older game in the Dominion vein. I’m not sure I really want this.
  2. *Robinson Crusoe – this looks really cool. A coop game that seems unlike the Pandemic mold.
  3. Myrmes – worker placement. A little heavier. Beautiful board. It is about ants.
  4. *Terra Mystica – I got lazy and didn’t sort this list. If I did this game would be at the top. Neat theme. Different role powers. It looks really cool.
  5. Eclipse expansion – I don’t really want this either. It just looks cool. My hesitance is that with only two plays there is a lot of original game space yet to explore.
  6. Innovation expansions – I just love the idea of this game. My gameplay though – I get whooped each time I play.
  7. *Tkzolk’in – cool. Just cool. I’m not sure how it will play, but the mechanics are just cool.
  8. Mice and Mystics – I like the theme. But I’m pretty iffy on the game.
  9. Castles of Burgundy – a new Feld design. I really like Year of the Dragon. Like Eclipse though, I think I can play it more without needing an upgrade…

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