Weekly Recap

Big week last week. Kinda. I did almost everything I like doing.

It started with a book I wanted to read. Monday and Tuesday were pretty much all about A Memory of Light. I derived enormous satisfaction from that book.

Wednesday was a big day at work. A few issues were solved. We reached a major milestone. I told my staff that I/we should take the rest of the week off because it couldn’t get better.

Sure enough two issues came up Thursday. Not show stoppers, but serious.

I got called to solve an issue Saturday noon. It’s been a long time since I did that. Nice satisfaction in fairly quickly getting it fixed. Less so in getting up early Sunday morning to check it.

I’ve the opportunity to sponsor my goddaughter at her confirmation. That is nifty. We also did a nice brunch on Sunday after mass.

Gaming on Friday was nifty. Daniel is better at both compels and exciting resolutions than I. Great fight with good pressure. And the character mods on my Bigfoot are working out.

Finally I bought a new board game yesterday. Not having a car and access to the board game store has really cramped my style. But a new game i wanted showed up in the feeble mall stores. Of course Rob R already owns it.

I think that is it.

Lots of folks sick last week. I hope all is well this week.


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