Tuesday and Wednesday were key days at work.

Time sensitive tasks fell on those days. Their successful completion critical to our project’s success. Additionally, barriers preventing some other tasks finally fell and that work was able to move forward. There were also some problems that needed to be resolved.

There were consultants on site and off who needed attention. There were vendors with last minute requirements. There were staff moving through the province.

It was a lot for the old duder to keep straight in his head. A lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-have-yous.

For once, everything came together. As a result a major milestone was passed yesterday. Huzzah!

I’m focusing on the last two days because they were key, but it has been crazy. It feels like it’s been crazy for over a year, but the last month and especially the last two weeks have been more so.

My team has really come through. There has been stress. There have been some tough decisions. And folks have been on edge. Particularly me – which helps no one.

Some individuals, who I won’t name, have gone far above. A mountain of work done with little recognition.

The work isn’t done. There are still two critical tasks left for the team – two is such a small number. And then there are new deadlines in a month. And work has been deferred to focus on the key items. In many ways the next month will be just as crazy. In fact, we will have brand new challenges.

But the last two days are still awesome.
A pause to acknowledge them and the work come before is necessary and welcome.

If any team members read this… Thank you. Thank you very much. I wish I could afford to get you all you own bottles of scotch. I’ll need to figure something else out.


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