Recap – gah so busy

Weeks and no blogs but recaps. 2013 is crazy.

Saw Les Miserables on the weekend. I wasn’t a huge fan. My biggest disappointment was that I did not like the music. The performances and direction were fan, but almost every line is sung. The music is key and I found it dull.

My scooter started to break down last week. I’d lose power while driving and slow down to a crawl. I knew the tires weren’t full and I hoped that was part of the cause. The tires turned out to be 2/3 flat and once filled the problem cleared up immediately. Thanks to Rob coming through on short notice.

The mall was crazy busy again yesterday. It is starting to irk me. Shopping season is over and the crowds should dissipate. But there was an Idle No More protest at one end of the mall and a Blue Jays signing at the other. Except for me everyone either had on traditional dress or a Jays shirt. There were tons of people.

I bought the last WoT books yesterday. I’m half done and begrudge the low light on the bus. I’m blogging on the bus because I will spend every moment at home reading.

And work is insane.

Be well all. Avoid flus and colds. It is very tricky.


4 thoughts on “Recap – gah so busy

  1. Dave says:

    Could not wait for the e-reader version? Really?

    • No. Not a chance.

      23 years of waiting. 3 since the last book. Over a year since the first draft was finished. Since August when the release date was announced.

      I’ve been waiting a long time, but 3 more months is too much.

      Heck I couldn’t even avoid major spoilers for 4 days. Too excited to read the end.

  2. Stef says:

    Almost done Crown of Swords – so far I’ve succeeded avoiding spoilers. Woot!

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