Recap – since the last recap

Just the highlights of the holidays.

We set of the burglar alarm at church on Christmas Day. A priest came to investigate. I would think is handy for a real burglar. You could ask for absolution before absconding with the sacramental wine.

After church my family was waiting with me for the bus downstairs in a little cubby. Mass ended early and the bus was not early so we had a good 40 minute wait. While we were waiting everyone else left to go enjoy their own celebrations and F. Paul locked the place up. Mom was worried about the bus and went out to reconnoiter. As the door opened the alarm went off.

We had a great chat when F. Paul came to investigate. He taught my brother a new recipe. Coke over Frosted Flakes. Tim tried it with a Corn Flake substitution. He doesn’t recommend it.

I caught up with the show Treme during the break. I thought Season 3 was great. And it had more music than ever.

We went to Buddy : the Buddy Holly story at the Mayfield. The story was weak, but the music and performances were nifty. And the food? Awesome – for buffet food, I can hardly imagine better. I had to leave before the end to catch my bus. I hope Holly made it out alive.

We gamed both Fridays. I wrapped up my adventure with a climatic battle that didn’t measure up to my setup. The next week we played Eclipse. I was initially skeptical as I was tired and it is a long game. But it was a great game. I provided a valuable resource. My last two moves made me an unintentional kingmaker. Plus I kept my brother from having a bad experience a losing his first game.

Gifts. I bought myself a walker and an electric razor. The walker is awesome. It is exactly the same a my old one, but shinier. And the seat isn’t broken. It is awesome. The razor is fairly bad so far. The first shave left most of the whiskers on my face. The second cleaned it up a little. I tried a third and there was lots of stubble. Finally on day three I shaved with a real blade. Gah.

Other than things I bought myself, i got a great scarf. I’m pretty sure I’ll be the 12th Doctor.

I also spent some nice time with family. The holidays are good for that.

Those are the highlights. I hope everyone else had great holidays too.


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