Dyck 2012 Christmas Letter

Mom, Tim and I wish all our friends and family glad tidings, gleeful encounters and our love during the Christmas season.

2012 was a middling year for our family. There were few momentous events either glad or sad. Personally, this is just about the way I like it.

My attentions remain focused on work. January will be my 2 year anniversary working for the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. All of that time has been spent shepherding the same major project towards completion. January also marks when we “go live” and the results of all that work will be garnered.

The rest of my time is spent trivially on books, movies, games, tv and this blog.

Tim’s passions always include travel. While there were no long, giant trips this year, he did travel to Costa Rica as part of a wedding party and enjoyed the trip immensely. He even brought Mom along.

Unlike the rest of the family, Tim is highly social. He fills his time with friends and family at every opportunity.

Mom spends retirement house sitting, dog sitting, baby sitting and otherwise helping others. She complains that she is too busy, but then is supervising deliveries for a friend the next day. During her free time, she takes advantage of all the cultural events she can in the city. She has also had the fortune to travel with her sisters throughout the year. More trips are being planned.

Our health is good. Mom had eye surgery and for the first time I’ve ever known her, she can see with no glasses. Considering how horrendous her vision was, this is truly extraordinary. Tim has had to make some concessions to our disability this year. This winter he is testing out ankle braces to aid balance and stability. I’ve also made concessions and I have engaged some home care to help in small ways. I expect that in the next year this aid will grow.

This is also this second Christmas since Dad passed. Personally, I’m ok during the holidays. It is during Dad specific events like Grey Cup and hockey finals that his absence pains me more. However, he will be in our thoughts as we move through the season.

Small joys and small griefs are the sum of our year. For you and your family, I wish more of the former and fewer of the latter.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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