2 notes of little consequence

I don’t have a real blog in me. Today. I’m sure their is one gestating like a Ridley Scott special effect though.

I saved two notes from earlier today. The type of tripe I normally subject Facebook followers with. Instead I will hit this much smaller audience. The blog must be fed.

ONE when I dressed this morning I saw my shirt was worse for wear. When exposed to daylight it revealed its full lack of cohesion. I spent they day thinking I should either be asking for alms or handing out blessings.

TWO and I forgot the second thing. I will put this down and come back later.

THREE this blog is like that joke. There are only three type of people in the world. Those who can count and those who can’t. Anyway, the second thing was this. I was on training today. It was one of those participatory course with lots of activities. We built a tower, crossed a river, solved a version of the Hanoi Towers with human pieces, etc. There was also a ball throwing game. 14 people throwing balls in a circle. Two teams. I was worried I’d be the weak link on our team. I’ve never been good at ball throwing and lately I’m all left arms. But I was awesome. Our team won half the contests and were within a second or two of the other team. I felt very able and inordinately proud.

Geez. That is almost as long as a normal blog entry. I expected my brother by now. Wonder where he is? If I call will he buzz up?

Nope. I’ll just need to wait.



2 thoughts on “2 notes of little consequence

  1. Dave says:

    considering you are left handed… two left hands must feel awesome

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