Weekly Recap

I was reviewing resumes today. One person listed on their skill list that they were conversant. Not what they were conversant in. I think my only same assumption is that they are conversant in everything.

I will hire immediately.

We are getting close to the winter solstice. Yay. I can hardly wait for the weather to start improving. At least for the day to grow longer again.

The highlight of my week was going to be going to a Christmas party. I woke that morning feeling slug-like. Then Mom called and said she was popping over. She came by a bit earlier than I expected. As I ‘ran’ to the phone, I missed her call twice. Then she gave up and went home. Too tired she said. I realized I felt the same. So I went to bed and missed the party.

I am the lamest person ever.

I saw Rise of the Guardians on the weekend. It was good. It was myself, parents and 100 kids. Other people I know we’re going to Hitchcock or Lincoln. But my theatre doesn’t show those. Grr. I did like it though. It was fantasy superhero Santa goodness. There came a moment in the film when the EBG (evil bad guy) was winning. The hero, Jack Frost, was defeated and cast aside and the EBG was gloating and cackling. A small child began to cry. I heard his Dad try to assure him that the good guys were going to come back (I don’t want to give spoilers), but the kid was having none of it. Eventually the Dad took him out. Poor guy. Traumatized forever by a feel good movie.

I also bought forks at the mall. I never have clean forks. I think they get thrown out in Chinese food containers. Now I have 8 more. I thought they were a good quality, but when I got home I see that the box is proudly labeled ‘forged’. So I apparently have some knock off forks.

TroyP was up for gaming. We played Shadows over Camelot and just barely won. We cheated four times, but are counting the win anyway. It was good to see him!

Comics were good, but ended poorly. I need to drop a few titles I’m just not enjoying. I also finished Building Stories. None of the other 13 stories in the box set impacted me like the first.

Finally no week seems complete without a hospital visit to research my cough. This set of tests found me completely healthy. Yay? No closer to figuring out the cause.

That is all for this week. Two weeks until Christmas. Huzzah! Haven’t started my shopping yet, but it should take about 15 minutes total. So I’m procrastinating a while longer.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Suellen says:

    I was ver sad to miss you. I have to figure out a way to see you more often.

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