Weekly Recap

What happened last week?

Work was crazy. It still is. Today was a really good work day. I felt I made excellent progress. A note though. We have a new security policy at work. I’m not able to bring my personal phone to my office. It is in a locker. So I’ll return calls, texts, FB, tweets and mail at noon or after work – which is pretty normal anyway. But in case of emergency… You’ll need one of my work numbers.

And medical appointments. Tomorrow I have a swallowing clinic. The people at work giggle whenever I say that. But there was a new medicine, cat scan and a new piece of equipment last week. Crazy. I repeat: I’m not even sick!

Books. I read two last week. Cold Days and The Twelve. I enjoyed both. But Dresden was a quick, must read. I wrote a review thingy.

But the best thing I read was one of the comics in Building Stories. Building Stories is the new release by Chris Ware. I’ve only read one book from him before: Jimmy Corrigan. This one is very upbeat in comparison. Building Stories seems to be about dealing with the disappointments of life. The presentation is quite cool. It is actually 14 different comics of varied size and format that come together in a board game sized box. In fact one of the formats is a fold out cardboard like a game board. The various comics can be read in any order. I decided to start with the largest and work down to the smallest. The largest is in the format of a newspaper but on my heavier paper stock. When unfolded each page is about 2′ x 3′. Anywho, the darn thing made me cry. I don’t know a comic that has ever done that. I’ve finished 6 of the books now. I’m still in formats larger than a normal comic.

In movies, I saw Killing Them Softly. I do not recommend. Not a good show.

Hmm. Gaming? My adventure is going well. 2 days down. 2 left. I’m enjoying it. I hope the group is too.

Finally DATS has been a nightmare of late and long rides. Today’s was the exception. I was at work early and home by 6. I’ve been late for work and yesterday I barely made it home for 7. Some stable temperatures with no snow would be appreciated.

I think that is all.

Take care all. Christmas season has now started.


One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Suellen says:


    You said ‘swallow’

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