I’ll make a poor old man

I’ve rarely lived in a home with a furnace since I left home. The years I lived with T & E would be the exception. I’ve had a variety of dorms, apartments and now my condo. And they all have shared heating.

When you turn up your heat in a home, in moments, you can hear a furnace roar to life. In a place with shared heating, turning up the thermostat is more like a plea. “Please, if you feel kindly, can you direct some heat my way?”

My issue is that my feet get cold. I come in from the outdoors. It is cold. My feet have quickly turned to ice. I think the braces are cold conductors. Inside is much warmer, but still not enough to heat my poor tootsies. Then I am miserable.

My best shared heat was in college. At Joe’s we had hot water radiators in each room. They had two settings. On and off. There was a valve, but it just slowed the filling of the radiator. Once full it blasted heat in the room. And the water from the basement boilers was always very hot. The radiators would grow scalding to the touch. It was awesome.

Folks used their window as a temperature control. I know, you’re thinking that an open window over a water radiator is trouble for the asking. But, it wasn’t. The water was so hot that they were never in danger of freezing.

They’ve upgraded that system to some less 1950s now, but I’m sure it is less awesome. I was never cold at Joe’s. one night, while passed out, I was pranked. Among other things, they closed my “thermostat” and closed me up inside (and buried under newsprint). I nearly broiled before regaining consciousness.

My current place doesn’t work the same. Plus I fight with my maids. They seem to think that 14*C is a good temperature. I suffer cold feet.

Fortunately, I have a mother. When she was over on the weekend, listening to me whine, she fixed my fireplace. Yay. Great heat is once again within my grasp and under my feet.

Moms rock.

But if I hate the cold this much now, what happens when I’m 70? Hope Mom can still help.


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