Look a recap

I saw the following doctors today:

  • two neurologists
  • a rehab medicine dude
  • a dietician
  • a social worker
  • a pulmonary neurologist
  • and a respiratory therapist

As a result they want me to see 5 more doctors and then report back. I certainly can’t complain about the quantity of care. I want to point out that I’m not sick.

In other annoyances, my bus service has sucked lately. That might be apparent from my last post. My squeaky wheel act seems to have paid off. Dats visited work today in order to solve the door situation.

Work has been more exciting than normal. Environmental challenges abound. And I have someone new starting tomorrow while it is also someone’s last day.

In other normal stuff: gaming was pretty great, comics, especially Saga, were awesome, I’m reading a good book (The Twelve), and my weekend movie was also good.

I could probably do a whole recap post is a single sentence.


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