[insert clever Princess Bride reference] Recap

You may not have noticed, but the weather has turned. Grr. This was the big happening of the week for me. I huddled inside and avoided driving my scooter in the loose snow. This isn’t a huge impact, but I missed two lunches (both of which my kind staff solved for me) and I really need to visit a drug store soon.

The other impact is my bus trips. Everyone asks how bad it was. It wasn’t. There were three days, six trips, and most took only 15-20 minutes longer than normal. This was better than most folks I spoke to. The one trip did suck though. I was in transit for three hours and spent 2.5 of that on the bus. The trip wasn’t scary just very long. I arrived home so late I felt I didn’t have time to order in supper and make it to bed at a reasonable time. I whined on Facebook and 20 minutes later Dave delivered supper. I ended up going to bed only 20 minutes late.

Mom was given the task of getting my walker repaired. Mom is awesome. I asked for help because I was worried it would be a pain calling local vendors, getting quotes and so forth. I turns out it was! I’m sure Mom spent ~16 hours on the phone and even driving around to show vendors the damage (on bad roads!). New walker will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

I had an extra long weekend too. I had both Friday and Monday off. Yay. It was great.

Ok. Normal stuff.

Read a book: Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow. It is the latest in his Young Adult series on civil disobedience. I’ll likely do a full review soon.

Read comics. They were delayed due to weather, but still great.

Saw movies: Skyfall and Flight in theatres. One of my staff got me a free pass to Skyfall on Monday so we went together. Skyfall is excellent. It is my pick of the Daniel Craig Bonds. I recommend it to anyone who has ever enjoyed a Bond movie. Flight is trickier. It is billed as a movie about an amazing pilot and flight, but it is really a movie about alcoholism. It is only slightly less grim than Leaving Las Vegas. The performances are great (John Goodman steals his scenes). It was ok for what it was.

Played games: I complained about Friday gaming already. Yesterday Dave and I also played X-wing miniatures. I won one and lost one. Much like the first two movies: A New Hope and then The Rebellion Strikes Back. I’m confident that the next episode with be the Return of the Sith! 🙂

Drank Scotch: tried one of my new scotch bottles. I had bought the twelve year after sampling the 18 year. It was good but disappointing. What I had found special about the older expression wasn’t in the younger. But still good.

I think that catches us up. Look at all the friends and family doing kind turns for me last week. Thanks all!


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