Saturday – the Saturday blues

I’ve got a problem. It isn’t a real problem. But it is bugging me today.

I’m pretty sure I don’t like my character. My RPG character that is. My personal character is great.

At first I thought I just didn’t now him. In any given situation I wasn’t sure what he’d do. But I’m not sure that is the case anymore.

Ander, for that is the character’s name, started with a high concept: Civilized Sasquatch. Pretty cool. It is the kind of concept I love to play. And then I made him up and filled him with all sorts of quirky ironies. Just like I normally do.

The game last night was lots of fun. But Ander had no role. Not because there wasn’t one for him to play, but because he won’t step into it. I screwed up the concept. I civilized him too much.

What does Civilized Sasquatch mean is this case? Not living in the woods obviously. But then exiling himself from his tribe, being a genius, going to university and going into high finance. He has purposefully distanced himself from magic and is poor under combat situations.

Gah. I thought I gave him a way in by tying him to a dragon. But it turns out that Ander doesn’t want back in. Get pulled in makes him resentful. Resentful isn’t fun to play. And a player at the table who is mopey isn’t fun to play with.

I still like the high concept. Civilized Sasquatch is cool. I just need to uncivilized him a bit. An RPG character needs to be at his best when stressed not his worst.

The handy thing is that the system allows that change. Every adventure allows him to change a little. The question is whether to ask for a fiat and change all at once or use the system and grow Ander into what I want. The second option would ultimately be the most satisfying. But will it be a lousy three or four months to get there?


5 thoughts on “Saturday – the Saturday blues

  1. Dave says:

    Pretty simple… Dan does something to Ander akin to what happened in Thomas during the series… you become a little grumpier, a little off the rails.

    Maybe you’re forced to eat the corpse of a recently deceased character to save others… it would have a little strange irony… :p

  2. T-Roy says:

    Wow… file this under “First world problem”…. 😉

  3. boethius61 says:

    * First-World GEEK problems.

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